lay sprawled on the kitchen floor with no more tears left to cry. Hours I had just laid there, crying. The kitchen being the farthest room from my daughter's, it was the one place I could let it all out while she slept soundly in her bed. To her…

I know no one is going to read this- nor no one will care to read this. It doesn’t bother me. In fact- nothing bothers me anymore. Opinions, arguments, debates, politics, people- they all stand in this cesspool of toxicity while I am just… here.

I’m finally ok with that.

Via: Unsplash

No Personal Social Media

There’s a line when social media becomes more than just a form of communication with people you have in real life. Clicking likes, trends, following accounts you share views with suddenly becomes knowing an entire person behind the account for years without actually knowing who the person is.

January/February 2020…


Finding Sanity. Once a heroin addict, now writer & substance abuse/mental health worker. Twitter @writerrae0101

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